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Care Partners: Meeting the Challenges

The Alzheimer Society of Washington proudly presents our 28th Annual Fall Conference entitled Care Partners: Meeting the Challenges. A care partner is any person (a family member, loved one, or professional) who assists in the care of another person.

This event is an excellent educational opportunity for anyone with an interest to learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. It features presentations from experts in the field of dementia care that will deepen your understanding of dementia and provide new tools to meet the inevitable challenges that arise as a care partner.

This conference will provide a wealth of valuable information, from a closer look at how dementia affects our veteran population to a discussion of how wearing being a care partner can be and how to preserve your capacity to care. Everyone with a desire to better understand dementia is welcome to attend. CEUs will be provided for those who require them.

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Who Should Attend

  • Care Partners
  • Professional caregivers
  • Care facility staff members
  • Mental health professionals, nurses, social workers, occupational and rehabilitation specialists, care managers, guardians, administrators, emergency services personnel
  • DSHS personnel
  • Anyone interested in learning about dementia

Conference Objectives

  • Preserve your capacity of care
  • Investigate various causes of dementia
  • Discuss importance of in-advance care planning
  • Strengthen your mind and sharpen your senses
  • Create professional awareness and skill building
  • Explore needs of the veteran with dementia
  • Determine appropriate end of life option in dementia
  • Utilize the POLST form

Conference Schedule

7:30 Registration - Continental breakfast (provided)
8:00 Welcome
8:15 Full group - 50 minutes – Care Partners: Five Who Are Meeting the Challenges
9:05 Break
9:20 Full group - 50 minutes – Jane Meier Hamilton: Preserving Your Capacity to Care
10:10 Break
10:25 Full group - 50 minutes – Richard Powers, MD: Beyond Alzheimer’s - The Other Dementias
11:15 Break
11:30 Full group - 50 minutes – Kristin Einberger: Strengthen Your Mind, Sharpen Your Senses
12:20 Lunch (provided) 
         Volunteer Recognition
         Ken King Community Service Award
1:20 Participants choose speaker/topic - 90 minutes including time for questions in each session
         A – Bree Johnston, MD – Palliative Care Planning for People with Dementia
         B – Jane Meier Hamilton – Professionals: Why and How to Care for Family Caregivers
         C – Richard Powers, MD – Dementia and Our Veterans
         D – Kristin Einberger – Brain-Enhancing Activities for People with All Levels of Dementia
2:50 Break
3:05 Full group - 60 minutes – Panel of All Speakers: Answering Remaining Questions
4:05 Evaluation - Prize drawings
4:15 Conference Ends

Distinguished Speakers

Dr. Richard Powers is a psychiatrist and neuropathologist who received his medical degree from the University of Kentucky in 1976. He practiced psychiatry and neuropathology at the University of Alabama School of Medicine where he held the rank of Professor prior to retirement in 2011. While at UAB, Dr. Powers also served as the Medical Director for the Alabama Department of Mental Health and assisted with the creation of the geriatric mental health system for the state of Alabama. He has subsequently practiced within the Veteran’s Administration Health Care system as an Associate Chief of Staff for Geriatrics and Extended Care, as well as in the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic caring for veterans with PTSD. He continues to remain active in teaching at UAB as an Adjunct Professor in the departments of pathology and psychiatry.
Dr. Powers has been involved in numerous public policy initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. He was one of the founding members of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and he has assisted with numerous advocacy programs on behalf of persons with dementia and their family care partners. He is the recipient of numerous awards including his induction into the Alabama Health Care Hall of Fame and the Nathan Davis Award presented by the AMA in 2011 for public service provided at the state level. He is the author of numerous book chapters, scholarly publications, and consumer education programs that focus on neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Jane Meier Hamilton, MSN, RN - a nurse for 40 years and family caregiver for 20 - is CEO and Founder of Partners on the Path, a program which provides caregiver support to businesses and non-profit, healthcare, and faith-based organizations. 
Jane is a content expert on managing caregiver stress and preventing compassion fatigue. She has created original, research-based resources that help professional and family caregivers remain healthy, effective, and compassionate. Her book, The Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Care: Help for Your Caregiving Journey (Infinity 2011) is available in print, 1-hour audio, and e-book formats at your favorite online book distributor.

Kristin Einberger has worked with older adults for 30 years, most of it with people with cognitive impairments. In the last few years, she has focused her time on early memory loss. She developed and facilitated two social day programs for people experiencing early memory loss and assisted in starting another. Currently, she facilitates one of these programs in Fairfield, California. Together with Janelle Sellick, she founded Memory Enhancement Services, a consulting service for people with early memory loss as well as for professionals and families.
Kristin has presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Brookdale Foundation, American Society on Aging, and the California Council for Adult Education. She has partnered with Janelle to author a technical manual for the Brookdale Foundation on Creating an Early Memory Loss Program. She has also written many articles on the same subject.

C. Bree Johnston, MD, MPH, FACP, is the Director of Palliative Care for the PeaceHealth System and for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Washington. She continues to be a Professor of Clinical Medicine at UC San Francisco. Dr. Johnston is board certified in palliative medicine, geriatrics, and internal medicine. Dr. Johnston serves on the American Board of Internal Medicine question writing committee for the geriatrics exam, and has served on numerous national committees and task forces. She has written numerous articles, book chapters, and edited medical textbooks, and been featured as a speaker at many national and international conferences. Her areas of expertise include care of elders with advanced chronic illness, care of people with dementia and their caregivers, and palliative care. She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband and son.

Who We Are

Our Vision…
A community where Alzheimer's and other dementias are understood, accepted and people are supported.

Our Mission…
We educate people about dementia related diseases. We provide hope to those affected by offering support and resources.

Our Values…
We are a compassionate, responsive, and accepting organization. We are committed to honesty, integrity and professionalism in all we do.

Staying Healthy

staying-healthy-thumbFight Off Alzheimer's

People who engage in activities such as reading and playing games throughout their lives may be lowering levels of a protein in their brains that is linked to Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests...