Our Program Coordinator’s Why

Meet our Program Coordinator, and listen to why she believes our mission is important and how you can help.

Generous Giving Highlight!

We had a special visitor this afternoon! Griffin Rinquro, a student at Squalicum High School, dropped by to donate the $100 he received for being named Student of the Month for January. He received this honor from the Rotary Club of Bellingham Bay. Thank you so much, Griffin, for your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness!

Alzheimer Society of Washington

Why fundraising is vital to our organization’s success.

Why is fundraising so important to us? Fundraising, in addition to other donations and grants, are key in helping our non-profit organization to survive and thrive. It is especially important to a homegrown, grassroots organization like ours, who can’t draw from other chapters or a national headquarters for support. Here are some shocking statistics about […]

Board Member Spotlight!

Board Member Spotlight Becky Bendixen; Board Member   How long have you been a board member?  “2 years.” Why did you chose to get involved with Dementia Support Northwest? “I love to see services offered to a diverse community, and reaching out to new communities in our region will diversify our population served. Every community deserves […]

Masquerading Around..

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight Meet Tom Oliver Volunteer Coordinator Find Me safe Network Project Lifesaver Let’s get to know Tom & Project Lifesaver: What do you do here at Dementia Support Northwest? “I manage Project Lifesaver, and anything else that is needed really.” How did you get involved with DSNW? “In 2007 the Sheriff’s Department was asking […]

Staff Spotlight

Meet Jan Higman:                   Executive Director Dementia Support Northwest                 Formerly known as the Alzheimer Society of Washington         How long have you worked here?  “A little over 2 years.” What made you want to work here?  “That story […]

HEAD Talk: Understanding the Genetics of Alzheimer’s disease

Tuesday, january 22, 2019 at 5:00pm St Luke’s Community Health Education Center Bellingham, WA Alzheimer’s disease is believed to be influenced by lifestyle habits, other medical conditions, and genetics. Dr. Ryan Fortna and Dr. Marci Hardy will be discussing the role that genetics plays in your brain health and Alzheimer’s disease risk, including a discussion […]