2012 Memorials, Donations, and Sponsors 

Donor In Memory of
Andy and Bob Matson Homer Neal
Bryan and Rochelle McDonald Larry Miller and Terry McClellan
John and Amy Geise Gerry Bennett
Richard and Donnalea Fullaway Mildred Stilts
Ruth Ottman Mrs. Nelle Rutgers
Frank and Josselyn Winslow Bob Chamberlin
Anne Ahlen Bob Chamberlin
Kenneth Giske Bob Chamberlin
Barbara Bavina Bob Chamberlin
Steve Pacheaco and Cindy Sherwin Bob Chamberlin
Stacia and Robert Cammarano Bob Chamberlin
Eleanore Chamberlain Bob Chamberlin
Emily and Jerald Hughes Bob Chamberlin
David and Sharon Strickler Bob Chamberlin
Linda Nelson Bob Chamberlin
Robert and Arlene Crozier Theresa Penman
George Pearson Bob Chamberlin
Sue and Don Wilson Bob Chamberlin
Pat J. Brown Hal Vaughn
M.J. Merrow Bob Chamberlin
Charles and Susan Brown Esther Jeanne Ferry
Rolf G. and Olive A. Schuler Esther Jeanne Ferry
Sandra Johnson Healthcare Anacortes
Joan A and Richard Morgan Anna Brethhaus
Mary Jo Case Anna Brethhaus
Harley and Jeanette Otis Phyllis Crites
Robert and Nancy Courtney Betty Bridges
Carol Anderson Joanne Truso
Maple Leaf Chapter 58 OES Anna Lee Brethours
John Wong Nancy Ann Donnell
Joan C. Long Lewis Byrd
Roy and Sandra Callero Ivor Merryfield
Chester and Roylene Baker Ivor Merryfield
Winton Wefer Tubby Gruebe
L.D. and C.A. Searles C.W. "Will" McIntyre
Donald and NancyGrube Eldrer (Tubby) Grube
Robert and May Adair Lewis Byrd
Lois Byrd Lewis Byrd
Arlene Moldenhauer Rose Dejong
Dawn and Lee Kirkham Julia Philippi
Mildred Hamm Anne Pilsher
Donald M. Pilcher Anne Pilsher
Emily and jerald Hughes Anne Pilsher
Jeanice DeJung Rosemary DeJung
Mr. Jacob Hamm Jake Hamm
W.E. and Glenda Mowry Fred Foley
Tawna Baxter Fred Foley
Victor Yalden G. Yalden
Marvin and Roni Grunhurd Fred Foley
Carolyn Penner Jacob Hamm
HomePlace Special Care Oak Harbor Emil "Lee" Rose
Patricia Ann Mowry Fred Foley
Gertie Wark Clarke Knights
Linda and Thomas Turner Clarke Knights
Vivian Helton Clarke Knights
A.D. and L.G. Zander Marie Simonson
Edward Hook Coral Hook
Russell E. Simonson Marie Simonson
Ron and Yolanda Effa Bob Chamberlin
Jeanne Brotherton & Jim Ross Marilyn Brotherton Strzelec
Bruce and Glyn Deverauz Carol & Ken King
Kelvin Smith Barbara Smith
Donald Walker Margie Walker
Peggy Zapone Jack & Lucile Zappone
Naoko Adams Bill Adams
Meri McMurdo Estelle Albright
Donor In Honor of
Adele Toennessen Michael Toennessen
Alta and Lyle Calkins Lyle Calkins
Althea and John Weidkamp John Welsh
Andy and Patti Rowlson
Anna K. Merwin
AT&T United Way
BP Fabric America Fund
Bruce and Glyn Devereaux
Carol and Neal Nicolay
Charles and Nancy Merwin
Christine Vanderwoude
City of Seattle
Daniel and Helen Dahlgren
Daniel and Katherine Frohardt
Daniel W. Rosser
Daryl Mobraten
Denni and John Kibelstis
Dennis and Joyce King
Diane and Verne Jorgenson
Dianne and Bill Glenovich
Don and Teresa Johnson
Dr. Lynn and Lestde Blackwell
Dr. Michael C. Merwin
Eden Alexander
Emily Hughes
Fred and Jean Richardson
Gary and Jean Weinard
Glenda McLachlan
Greg and Kathy Rice
H.L. Minkler
Harry W. Skinner
Helen Reichlin
Home Attendant Care
Honeywell International Charity Matching
IB and Stense Mortensen
James and Tara Nickol
Jay Johnston
John and Eliza beth Gross
John and Patricia Leach
Josselyn and Frank Winslow Dorothy Bennett
JP Morgan Chase
Judith Mickunas
Karen Cowgill
Karen Nesvold
Karen Zuther
Katherine Massey
Kathleen Osgoodby
Kelvin and Barbara Smith
Susan and Lauren Watjen Kenneth
L.J. Pederson
Leroy House
Lewis and Lois Byrd
Linda Knapp
Lonnie Nielsen
Lynn Blackwell
Marlene Burns
Marsha Neal
Mary Jo and William Fox
Maurice Schwartz
Microsoft Gifts Program
Nielsen Bros. Inc.
Pamela A. Bakke
Patricia Martinez
Raymond and Dawn Hill Raymond Hill
RE and ER Chamberlain
Richard and Irene Neighbors
Richard and Leona Groesbeck
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Wood
Roderick and Susan Dean Viola Rubicam
Ross and Carol Wagner
Roy and Delores Nichols
Russell T. Oliver
Sally Stewart
Sharon and David Strickler
Steve Moberg & Brenda Higgins
Terri Hackett Joyce Price
The GE Foundation
Theresa and Daniel Taylor
Thomas Jessup
Yorkston Oil Company Incorporated
Jeanne Brotherton
Denise Weeks
Barbara Davidson
John Watkins